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Ruby on jQuery and Closures

Posted on: January 3, 2009

Sam Ruby has that way about him that sees things very clearly. He just took a peak at jQuery for the first time and was able to really put into words what I think jQuery enthusiasts like about the library:

The notable thing about this is that despite all of the asynchronous events taking place, the code is sequential (nested, but sequential), and that the JSON results of the AJAX call is immediately available to the function that is invoked when the selection changes.

This is based on the following code that he wrote:

  1. $(“#archive”).click(function() {
  2. $.getJSON(‘unscanned.cgi’, {}, function(unscanned) {
  3. // replace realname input field with a selection list
  4. var select = $(‘<select name=”realname” id=”realname”/>’)[0];
  5. for (var i=0; i<unscanned .length; i++) {
  6. select.options[i] = new Option(unscanned[i][1], i);
  7. }
  8. $(‘#realname’).before(select).remove();
  9. $(“#archive”).attr(“disabled”,“disabled”);
  10. // process selection
  11. $(‘#realname’).focus().change(function() {
  12. var icla = unscanned[$(“#realname option:selected”).val()];
  13. $(“#realname”).before(‘<input type=”text” ‘ +
  14. ‘id=”realname” name=”realname”/>’).remove();
  15. $(“#realname”).val(icla[1]);
  16. $(“#pubname”).val(icla[2]);
  17. $(“#email”).val(icla[3]);
  18. $(“#replaces”).val(icla[0] + ‘:’ + icla[3]);
  19. $(“#filename”).val().focus();
  20. $(“#archive”).removeAttr(“disabled”);
  21. });
  22. });
  23. return false;
  24. });

Those that love jQuery, love the API.

John himself had an example in the comments:

  1. $(‘:radio[name=is_user]’)
  2. .change(function(){ $(‘.depends-isuser’)[ this.value == 1 ? ‘show’ : ‘hide’ ](); })
  3. .change();

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