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jQuery 1.3 beta: Sizzling and feature testing

Posted on: January 3, 2009

jQuery 1.3 beta 1 has been released with John and the team asking for testing help.

This is a big release as a lot has been changed:

  • Sizzle has been integrated
  • No more browser testing: For example, no more if ( jQuery.browser.msie && !jQuery.isXMLDoc(this) ) { which is replaced with if ( !jQuery.support.noCloneEvent && !jQuery.isXMLDoc(this) ) {
  • Live event delegration: Reglib’s claim to fame was how event delegation was “live” meaning that if you added elements later on, they would also fall into the same delegations. With $("#foo > div").live("click", someFn); you get the same in jQuery
  • $(this).closest("div");: Returns this or closest ancestor that matches selector
  • .offset() rewrite – significantly faster, uses no browser sniffing.
  • .hide()/.show() rewrite – 50% – 200% faster.
  • .append/prepend/before/after rewrite – 10-15x faster.

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