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Blog Goals for 2009

Posted on: January 3, 2009

My blog grew substantially during 2008. I gained thousands more RSS subscribers, my MooTools skills took a giant leap, and I even branched out in jQuery a little bit. That said, I feel like the blog just beginning. I’ve outlined some goals for 2009 — any feedback or requests would be appreciated.

1. New Redesign

I’m not happy with the current “design”. It’s too plain and even though I’m not a designer, I think I could do a lot better. I have a new redesign that’s about 25% done that I really love so far and hope to get out by February 1st. I will be giving peeks via Twitter very soon.

2. Walk the Walk

I write a lot of useful MooTools scripts. The problem is that I don’t actually use many of them on my site. My goal is to avoid overdoing my the MooTools “flash bang” effects but tastefully add enhancements here and there. I think people will like the new effects a lot.

3. More Interaction

I’ve recently implemented polls and I’m going to strive to get more of a “community” feel for the site. I may also add a very basic chat feature in the sidebar. I’d also like to schedule a monthly chat session where I’m available for questions about both web and non-web topics. Not sure how many people would be interested in that though. I’ve decided not to implement forums.

4. Continue the Moo-foolery

I want to continue to write interesting and thought-provoking Moo scripts. This includes original works and ports of existing jQuery / Prototype scripts. MooTools has made writing javascript (and subsequent MooTools posts) fun and I hope my enthusiasm for it becomes infectious.

5. Create a Facebook App or WordPress Plugin

I’ve been putting off doing either of these because of the amount of maintenance that goes into them. I don’t want to release a plugin and then let it go to crap. Hopefully I find the inspiration to follow through on creating a great plugin or app.


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